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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Information

10 - 20 lbs
10 - 15 inches
Blenheim (Red and White), Ruby (Solid Red), Prince Charles (Black, White, and Tan), or Black and Tan
Playful, affecitionate, fearless, adapatable, sociable, patient.

This small spaniel breed is listed in the Toy group, originally bred in Great Britain, and excels as a sweet companion dog.

This small spaniel breed is listed in the Toy group, originally bred in Great Britain, and excels as a sweet companion dog.

Their claim to fame was when the breed debuted on the hit T.V. show Sex in the City as Charlotte's dog, aptly named Elizabeth Taylor. The breed has enjoyed great popularity and a loyal following around the world for many years due to their simply irresistible charm and loving personality. Standing at a scant 10 - 15 inches high and weighing between 10 - 20 pounds, the Cavalier is the perfect size for a loving, calm companion.

The soft, incredibly silky coat of the Cavalier with wisps of feathering on the legs, tail, and face, along with big, round eyes add to his puppy face. This breed is the ideal choice for the person or family that is looking for a sweet, quiet, calm breed that is easy to live with. Cavaliers are loyal and clean dogs with a tail that is always wagging to match their pleasant demeanor. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are best suited to a home that will cherish and pamper them. Due to their small size, young children should be supervised by adults to prevent injury to the dog.

The Cavalier sheds minimal to moderately and needs no professional grooming, simply brush regularly to prevent matting. Colors for the breed include Blenheim (red/white), Prince Charles (black, white, tan), Ruby (solid red), or black and tan.

The Cavalier is known to have some health issues that are inherent in the breed so potential owners should be aware of their needs and be prepared to provide for them during their average lifespan of 8 - 16 years.

As this is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed, it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate, and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and wellbeing of the dog.

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