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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Shih Tzu Breed Information

5 - 15 lbs
8 - 12 inches
Black/White, Brindle/White, Sable/White, Gold/White, Grizzle/White, Tricolor, solid colors
Playful, lively, affectionate, outgoing, spinky, intelligent, courageous, alert, gentle, loyal, friendly. active. Happy , indepenedant , clever.

Pronounced: “Shee Zoo” by most, this adorable little fluffball is listed in the toy group and was originally bred in China as companion dogs. This happy little dog stands between 8 - 12 inches high, weighs between 5 - 15 pounds on average and is just pure sweetness.

The Personality of the Shih Tzu is that of a bright little ray of sunshine. He never has a bad day and is ready for whatever life brings to him. Sweet and affectionate he makes the perfect lapdog. He also loves to play and is a sociable butterfly when out in public. His favorite thing in life is to be spoiled by his family and to accompany them wherever they go. Adaptable to most any lifestyle, he thrives in urban or suburban living and is small enough to be litter box trained. Although small, he enjoys a multitude of activities and will play fetch, soccer, and have a tea party in the playroom with equal delight.

The coat of the Shih Tzu is long, soft, and flowing. The Silky texture requires regular brushing to prevent matting, with many pet owners opting to clip the coat shorter to make it easier to maintain. The breed is considered by many to be minimal to non-shedding as well as hypo-allergenic, making this breed a good choice for many allergy sufferers. All colors are allowed, solid or parti colored and include the popular black/white, brindle/white, sable/white, gold/white. Average lifespan is 12 - 16 years.


As this is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed, it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate, and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and wellbeing of the dog.