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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

English Shepherd Breed Information

40-60 lbs
18-23 inches
Black,Sable,Bi Color,Tri Color,White,Tan
Intelligent, Friendly, Energetic, Adaptable, Independent.

Origin: United States

Lifespan: 10-13 years

Original Use: Working, companionship

The English Shepherd is a breed of herding dog whose ancestry comes from various breeds of Collies brought over by the British. They have been bred for generations as all-purpose farming dogs, and their responsibilities range from herding, to protecting livestock, ratting, tracking, hunting, to protecting the family and children. Today they are also used as search and rescue dogs as well as therapy dogs.

The English Shepherd is incredibly intelligent, athletic, and hard working. They make wonderful family companions and are highly trainable. They have an independent streak which can be honed by giving them tasks to complete. They tend to be reserved around strangers at first, but once they’ve made up their mind about a newcomer, that person will be showered with affection.

This is a very devoted and loyal breed of dog. They aren’t the type to run loose if a gate is left open as they are committed to their home. Though they are not aggressive dogs, they will keep unknown visitors at bay until commanded otherwise. Early socialization is crucial in developing the English Shepherd’s ability to assess a threat versus a friend.