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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Corgi Breed Information

18 - 30 lbs
10 to 14 inches
Red, Sable, Fawn, Black and Tan all with or without white markings
Playful, Bold, Tenacious, Outgoing, Protective, Friendly.

Found in the Herding group and originally bred in Great Britain, the Pembroke Corgi has a distinct look and a wonderful disposition. While there are two distinct breeds of Corgi, the Pembroke and the Cardigan, the Pembroke is easily identified by his lack of a tail, whereas the Cardigan has a long tail. The Corgi has been a favorite of the Royal family in England for many years and Queen Elizabeth herself has always had multiple Corgi's with her, underfoot at the Palace, for decades. The Pembroke typically stands 10-14 inches high at the shoulder and weighs in at a sturdy 18-30 pounds. The average lifespan for the breed is 10-14 years. The Corgi is a happy dog that loves people, alert and intelligent, with short legs and a longer, thick body frame, that make jumping and climbing stairs more of a challenge for the breed. The Corgi is an excellent watchdog and will sit patiently and wait for his family to return home while protecting his territory from any perceived threats with an attitude and barking. The breed excels in many dog sports and activities due to their stamina and activity level and loves all seasonal activities from swimming to snowball fights. This breed is not a couch potato and thrives on fun and outdoor activities with their family. The breed is known to be accepting of children and other animals and thrives on human attention and cuddle sessions, but as with most herding breeds, they tend to nip at the heels of young children at play so early socialization and training is important to teach herding breeds such as the Corgi that children are not for herding. The coat of a Corgi is short and thick and easy to care for with regular brushing sessions to remove dead undercoat and the occasional bath to keep the coat in good condition, and shedding is moderate. Coloring can vary widely with different shades of solid colors, bi-colors and tri-colors.