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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Bloodhound Breed Information

80 - 110 lbs
23 - 27 inches
Liver & Tan, Black & Tan, Red
Even Tempered, Gentle, Affectionate, Stubborn, Independent, Determined, Humorous, Goofy.

The Bloodhound is an ancient breed associated with royalty. The Bloodhound is a highly intelligent dog with a keen sense of smell that they will follow to the ends of the earth. Originally used in medieval Europe for tracking deer and boar, today that sense of smell is used for police work, especially search and rescue.

While the Bloodhound appears to be inactive and inattentive with its droopy features, this breed is anything but. The Bloodhound is always on alert, even when sleeping. Given the opportunity, the Bloodhound will take you on an adventure during walks as the Bloodhound’s sense of smell and determination will have you both following a long trail, one that will likely end with a pinned-down passerby being licked excessively.

The Bloodhound is wonderful with children of all ages and gets along well with other animals. Training may be a challenge though, as they have an independent streak and require a firm but loving hand with commands. As puppies, they take a while to reach maturity and will be boisterous and clumsy until they do. The Bloodhound will require both mental and physical stimulation to keep them entertained.

The Bloodhound can handle small living spaces given the opportunity for outdoor adventures. Off-leash and perimeter training would do well with this breed along with positive verbal praise and reinforcement.