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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Belgian Tervuren Breed Information

40 - 60 lbs
22 - 26 inches
Black, Brindle, Fawn & Black, Black & Cream, Mahogany & Black, Fawn & Liver
Intelligent, Energetic, Loyal, Alert, Protective, Humorous, Attentive.

The Belgian Tervuren is another one of the four types of Belgian herding dogs. This medium-sized breed sports a long, elegant coat atop a muscular frame. Originally bred for herding, the Belgian Tervuren is a highly intelligent and active breed.

Like all working breeds, the Belgian Tervuren will highly indulge itself in games of soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and fetch, they’ll also benefit from mental stimulation such as hide and seek with the family, hiding treats around the home, or under a clear plastic bowl and having them find it. This is a close-knit breed that likes to be included in all activities and know where everyone is at every moment. Don’t be surprised if they make peek visits to everyone and then lay down in the center of the home. They make for excellent watchdogs, but also have a great sense of humor and will get along with children and other dogs if socialized properly.

The Belgian Tervuren is a highly adaptable breed. They can live in apartments if exercised properly, although a house with a yard is preferred. Perimeter training is highly effective with this breed, whether you have a fenced-in yard or not.

The Belgian Tervuren is a breed that can accomplish anything it is trained to do, such as police work, therapy work, or performance work. The breed is a high bonding devoted breed that does its best work when positive reinforcement training is used, such as consistent praising for a job well done.