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Weight, Height, Colors, Temperament & Description

Belgian Malinois Breed Information

40 - 80 lbs lbs
22 - 26 inches inches
Mahogany, Red, Red Sable, Fawn Sable,With or Without a Black Mask
Hard-working, Protective, Friendly, Stubborn, Alert, Active, Confident, Watchful.

The Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian herding dogs that bare a remarkable resemblance to that of a German Shepherd. They are medium-sized, incredibly intelligent, and agile working dogs that learn quickly. They are commonly used for a variety of occupations including therapy, search and rescue, police K-9 units, and the military. They also make great performance dogs.

The Belgian Malinois is friendly, assertive, and a great protector that likes to be included in all family activities. Socializing at an early age is prudent to avoid unnecessary behaviors such as, being reserved, territorial, or aloof with strangers and other dogs. The Belgian Malinois is a positive reinforcement breed, they will do their absolute best and hardest work when being corrected for their wrongdoings and are highly praised for their winnings. The Belgian Malinois is a breed that is generally recommended for an experienced owner or an owner who has plenty of time to devote to building the bond and training ability with the breed.

With sufficient exercise, they can live in apartments, but a home with a yard is preferred. The Belgian Malinois is a world-class working dog with the confidence and pride to show for it. Supervision of young children and puppies/dogs should be at the forefront, until both have been taught how to behave and act appropriately with one another.