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Our Breeders

It is important to us that the breeders we choose to work with provide puppies to us that they care for and that they take care of their dogs needs and well being. Our puppies come to us from all over the country from breeders that provide loving pets to families like yours.

Chews A Puppy obtains puppies from breeders that are compliant with the criteria of any local, state, and federal licensing requirements. This gives our customers added confidence. Rather then you having to travel all over and visiting many individual locations to search for a puppy, purchasing a puppy from Chews A Puppy is a great way to ensure that you can purchase with more confidence!

“A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS” Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the breeder’s home and the parents of your puppy? Well, at Chews A Puppy that is possible! No sad puppy mill photos here! We firmly believe in transparency. We travel throughout the country each year, visiting many breeders, and taking pictures of puppy parents as well as the breeder’s homes, so you can see the source of many of our puppies, giving you some peace of mind when you purchase a puppy from us.
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Along with pictures, if you’re curious about our breeders, we have biographies of many of our breeders depicting what their life is like, how they got started with breeding, how many children and pets that they have, their jobs, and how they spend their free time. This gives you detailed insight that is not readily available from many other sources.

Creek Side Kennels

Rebecca and Darrett live on a beautiful 10 acres. Together they have three children ranging from two to seven years of age. Rebecca whose love of dogs started their breeding adventure has been breeding for four years. Her favorite breed would be the Doodles, whether they’re labradoodles or goldendoodles. She loves their sunny disposition and kid friendly nature. Their children too enjoy helping raise and socialize the puppies. When Rebecca and Darrett have free time they enjoy athletics with their children during the summer including going to the lake for swimming and skiing during the winters.

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As part of a good start, our puppies receive antibodies from their fully vaccinated moms at birth. The breeder then continues to provide protections against disease and viruses for their pups by vaccinating each puppy at the appropriate times, prior to leaving their home.

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It’s important to us that our customers feel that we are doing our best, therefore of our puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to arrival to us and examined again by a Florida licensed veterinarian prior to sale to add a double layer of protection that our puppies are ready for their new homes.

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The transport and arrival of the puppies is an important step in their wellbeing after leaving their mom and we want to make that experience as relaxing as possible. For that reason, each puppy is delivered to us by licensed and inspected transportation vehicles that is in compliance of state and federal regulations driven by experienced drivers and cared for by puppy technicians that provide quality of care during their travel time.

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Our breeders care about their puppies and so do we! For that reason, every puppy is micro-chipped. This tiny implant offers additional safety protocols so that in the event the pup ever gets lost or stolen, he can be returned safely to his home to his loved ones.

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Chews A Puppy has such confidence that we offer extensive, written health warrantees! Offering comprehensive, written protections to our customers is our way of showing how much we value you!