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Chews A Puppy APP
Install Chews A Puppy on your Home Screen
Safari Mobile (iPhone & iPad)

1.Find the icon located at the bottom of your screen, below the website address bar. Tap.

2. Scroll down to find the "Add to Home Screen" button. Tap.

3. In the new window at the top right, Tap the Blue "Add" Link.

4. Chews A Puppy APP is now installed to your Home Screen

Chrome & Microsoft Edge Desktop

1. Find the icon in the Chrome Search bar located on the right end and Tap.

2. You will be asked to Install the Chews A Puppy App. Tap Blue install button.

3. The Chews A Puppy App is now installed and will open in a new window.

4. The Chews A Puppy App can be located in your Chrome APP folder which will open in a new window after install. You can Drag and Drop the Chews A Puppy APP directly onto your home screen.

Chrome & Firefox Mobile (Android)

1. Locate the in the upper right hand corner at the end of website address bar.

2. Then find and Tap "Add to Home Screen".

3. Now Tap "Add" and the Chews A Puppy APP is installed on your Phone.