Looking for that “special" puppy for the holiday season?

Chews A Puppy can help you save time during this hectic holiday season by making your search for your new best friend much easier. Whether you’re looking for a rare breed or unique color, we can save you time and energy and help you find that special best friend this holiday season! Special Ordering allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for such as breed, color, gender, and other unique traits you are looking for. Why should you waste a lot of time making phone calls and driving all over in your search for your new, best friend when we can do the work for you!

Our Holiday Puppy Special Ordering is not hard to do.We know and understand that this is a family member you are looking for. So stop into our kennel and we can explain all the details so we can get started in the search right away, before someone else finds the puppy that was meant to be in your home this holiday season. When the specially selected puppy arrives to our kennel, we call you so that you can do a "meet and greet" with the puppy to see if the puppy is the right fit for your family. After all, this will be your family member for a very long time so we want you and the puppy to see if you are just “right” for each other! If you would like more detailed information on our Holiday Puppy Special Ordering, please stop into our Kennel and speak with a Chews A Puppy Trainer. We look forward to assisting you in the search of your new best friend!

*Restrictions and limitations apply, please contact us for more details.

How it Works

1. Stop into our Kennel to speak with one of our Trainers. Our Trainers will help you "chews" the perfect breed for yourself, family or lifestyle.

2. Place a "Special Order" for the specific breed you want.

3. Once your puppy arrives, one of our Trainers will call you to come meet your new best friend.

4. We can then hold your puppy until a specific date for pick up.

*Restrictions and limitations apply, please contact us for more details.


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