Community Outreach

Pet Shots R Us at Chews A Puppy

Every 2nd Saturday of every month Pet Shots R Us comes to Chews A Puppy and offers low cost vaccines, flea products, and heartworm preventive products to the community.

Whats Offered

  • Vaccines
  • Flea Products
  • Heartworm Preventive

We Support The Warriors!

Catch The Chews A Puppy Business Card in the West Orange Warriors hand out.

Chews A Puppy
Customer Special Offer

* Free 12 weeks of age Booster Vaccination,Panacur Deworming and Bordetella Vaccination.

* Free 16 weeks of age Booster Vaccination,Panacur Deworming and Rabies Vaccination.

* Free Exams For Life With All Vaccination Appointments.
*Restrictions apply and may depend upon age of puppy at time of purchase, time of vet visit, any medical concerns the veterinarian may have at time of examination/vaccination timeframes. This is a free service offered to Chews A Puppy customers and has no monetary value. This form must be presented at initial veterinarian visit in order for complementary veterinary services to be provided.

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