This gorgeous dog is listed in the sporting group and originally bred in Germany for hunting. Known as the gray ghost due to his unique grey coloring, this dog is high energy and fun! Standing between 22-28 inches tall and averaging 55-90 pounds, this is a breed is elegant, outgoing, and perfect for an active lifestyle.

Extremely intelligent and a bundle of energy, they do well with a family that wants to spend time with their dog swimming, hiking, and playing in the yard. Protective of their family and home, this breed is ever watchful and on duty, ensuring your property is safe from intruders, whether they are human or the wayward wild bunny or squirrel. This breed is a sight to behold when they are in action, as their muscled and agile body runs and leaps in excitement and play. The breed is loyal and affectionate, and after a day of play wants nothing more than to cuddle next to you for some down time.

The Weim has two coat options, a very short, thin coat that sheds minimally and is very easy to care for with the occasional brushing and bath, and the rarely seen long haired version that sheds moderately. Coloring is always varying shades of gray Early training is recommended. Tail is docked short on the short coat, left natural on the long haired. Average lifespan is 10-14 years.
Country of Origin: Germany
Original Use: hunting
Now used for: Pointing, Pointing Field Trials, Companion
Weight: 55 - 90 lbs
Height: 22 - 28 "
Color: Mouse-Gray, Silver-Gray, Blue, Steel Blue
Coat Type: 2 Coat Types; Smooth Coat which is short, and longhaired
Shedding: Minimal
Group: Sporting Group

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