Silky Terrier

A true terrier, the Silky is listed in the toy group, bred in Australia to kill vermin, he is sweet and happy. Averaging between 8-10 inches tall at the shoulder and between 8-15 pounds, this little guy is small enough to be litter box trained and versatile enough to live either the urban or suburban lifestyle.

The Silky is tough and tenacious, sweet and affectionate, loving and independent, all wrapped up into one little ball of fur. He makes a wonderful watchdog, always on duty and ever alert. The Silky is a wonderful pet, enjoying your lap and your bed, as well as the games of fetch and walks through the neighborhood.

The coat of the Silky is soft, and silky (no pun intended) and is easy to care for. It is considered minimal to non-shedding and hypo-allergenic, making him a good candidate for many allergy sufferers. Regular brushing and the occasional bath are all that is needed to keep his coat in good condition. Colors vary and include, blue/tan, silver/tan, black/tan, gray/tan. The tail is docked short. Average lifespan is 12-16 years.
Country of Origin: Australia
Original Use: Companion, Small Vermin Hunting
Now used for: Companion, Earthdog Trials
Weight: 8 - 15lbs
Height: 8 - 10"
Colors include: Blue/Tan, black/tan, silver/tan, gray/tan, silver, fawn, blue,
Coat Type: soft and silky
Shedding: Non Shedding and hypo-allergenic
Group: Toy Group

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