Irish Wolfhound

This mammoth of a breed originated in Ireland and was bred as a sighthound, bred to hunt wolves and is listed in the Hound group. The Wolfhound is huge, weighing on average 80-140lbs and standing 28-34 inches tall at the shoulder. It is not uncommon for a Wolfhound to stand taller then a man when he is stands on two legs as he is known as the tallest breed in the world. Due to his immense size, the breed has a relatively short lifespan of only 6-10 years.

Although the breed was originally used to hunt wolves, the Wolfhound of today is considered to be sweet, loyal, calm, patient and dignified. The breed is a good choice for a companion for anyone looking for a gentle friend to take on long walks or hikes through the woods or streets of the city. The breed does not require a lot of space (other than square footage large enough to fit such a massive breed of dog) and is adaptable to many lifestyles. He is quiet and thoughtful, typically good with children, and wants nothing more than to be by your side. This breed is a good choice for the person or family that is capable of providing a loving home and the cost of feeding and maintaining such a large dog.

The coat for the Wolfhound is medium length and coarse. Shedding is considered minimal to non shedding and is easily maintained through regular brushing sessions to remove dead hair and prevent matting. No professional grooming is required. The Colors for this breed are always solid in color and include, gray, brindle, red, black, white, and fawn.
Country of Origin: Ireland
Original Use: Coursing Wolves
Now used for: Companion
Weight: 80 - 140 lbs
Height: 28-34 inches at the shoulder
Color: Gray, Brindle, Red, Black, White, or Fawn,
Coat Type: medium length, with some feathering
Shedding: minimal to no-shedding
Group: Hound Group

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