Bull Terrier

A moderate sized Terrier originally from England that weighs on average 40-60 lbs. and stands 16-22 inches tall at the shoulder, the breed has a typical lifespan of 10-14 years. There is a smaller breed known as the Miniature Bull Terrier that is often confused with the Bull Terrier but these are two distinct breeds with similar but different personalities. This breed became famous due to the devoted enthusiast General George Patton who owned many Bull Terriers during his lifetime, with the most famous being William the Conqueror commonly known as Willie, who was known to accompany Patton everywhere, including the battlefields.

The Bull Terrier is uniquely identified by his egg shaped head and is known as an extremely devoted and tenacious breed with an obstinate personality that is best suited to an owner with much dog and training experience to bring out the best in this breed. The Bull Terrier is built like a truck, with an independent streak that many owners consider an endearing feature of the breed. Smart and aloof, the Bull Terrier is at his best when properly socialized at an early age and owned by a dog lover that takes his responsibility to the breed seriously. Considered to be great with people and children but standoffish if not territorial with other dogs and animals, the Bull Terrier is a great companion for the right household.

The Bull Terrier has a very short coat that offers minimal to moderate shedding and is easily maintained by simply brushing the coat to remove dead hair and providing the occasional bath. The most popular color (and typically more expensive) is white, with or without spots of varying colors but also comes in Red and White, Tri Color, and Brindle and White.
Country of Origin: England
Original Use: bloodsports
Now used for: Companion
Weight: 40 - 60lbs
Height: 16 - 22"
Color: Red, Tricolor, Brindle all with or without white markings. Also Solid White
Coat Type: Smooth, short coat
Shedding: Minimal to moderate Shedding
Group: Terrier Group

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