Mi orkie Price Range

Mi orkie Price Range

The Mi orkie is a Designer Mixed Breed that is a purpose bred mix between a MiKi and a Yorkshire Terrier. However some breeders are breeding different generations of the Mi orkie.

Mi orkie Generations

MiKi + Yorkshire Terrier = Mi orkie (F1)

Mi orkie + MiKi = Mi orkie (F1B)

Mi orkie + Yorkshire Terrier = Mi orkie (F1B)

Mi orkie + Mi orkie = Mi orkie (F2)

Price Range

Many things can determine a specific puppy’s price range. These things can include:

Registration Papers
OFA Health Testing
Champion Background
DNA Testing

and much more.

Mi orkie Puppies can start as low as $399.00 and go anywhere up from there. You can see specific puppies with the right paper work and bloodline break into the several thousands.

If you are looking for a Mi orkie Puppy please contact a Chews A Puppy Trainer at (407)439-0440 or visit our Puppies page to view all available puppies.

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