Labernard Price Range

Labernard Price Range

The Labernard is a Designer Mixed Breed that is a purpose bred mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Saint Bernard. However some breeders are breeding different generations of the Labernard.

Labernard Generations

Labrador Retriever + Saint Bernard = Labernard (F1)

Labernard + Labrador Retriever = Labernard (F1B)

Labernard + Saint Bernard = Labernard (F1B)

Labernard + Labernard = Labernard (F2)

Price Range

Many things can determine a specific puppy’s price range. These things can include:

Registration Papers
OFA Health Testing
Champion Background
DNA Testing

and much more.

Labernard Puppies can start as low as $399.00 and go anywhere up from there. You can see specific puppies with the right paper work and bloodline break into the several thousands.

If you are looking for a Labernard Puppy please contact a Chews A Puppy Trainer at (407)439-0440 or visit our Puppies page to view all available puppies.

8 comments on “Labernard Price Range

  1. Sherry L. Weedon on

    We are not a breeder, but owners of a labernard and a saint bernard who recently mated without our knowledge. We will have a whole liter of labernard F1Bs that will be ready to forever homes in about 12 weeks.

    • Cathy Doughty on

      Hi Sherry:

      I have a labernard named Bailey, and would like to have another pup for her. We rescued her as a puppy and would like for her to have a mate. I am located in Houston Texas, where are you located and please know, we love our dog and your pup will be equally as loved.

      I can be conveniently reached at [email protected]. I have a FB page as well, catherine doughty.

      Thanks so much,


    • Therese on

      Hi, I’m interested in one of your puppies!! Can you let me know status please? Also pictures of parents would be great

      Thank You

    • Marilyn Thomas on

      I am from pennsylvania and wondered where you are located as we are interested in a lab bernard mix. Just a companion for us (a retired couple).

      • Marvin Martin on

        Hello Marilyn,
        We’re located just 30 minutes east of Harrisburg, Pa. and will have labernards ready to go in 5 weeks.We’ve been breeding AKC Saints over 12 years . If you still are looking for a Labernard, please contact us

  2. Valerie Prazen on

    I have a Labernard, 1 year old potty trained male, totally black, hair slightly longer, wavy, real gentle giant. I’m in Utah and am hoping he finds a home with lots of property or at least big enough yard to run a bit. He doesn’t care for the city, mountain dog or live on a farm would be good. He is good with small dogs, cats etc. Very malleable at this point and yet is potty trained.

    Gentleman that had him,loved him but fell on hard times (you can tell he was (is) loved). Would like to do my best to make sure this time it is a forever home.


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