Doberdane Price Range

Doberdane Price Range

The Doberdane is a Designer Mixed Breed that is a purpose bred mix between a Doberman Pinscher and a Great Dane. However some breeders are breeding different generations of the Doberdane.

Doberdane Generations

Doberman Pinscher + Great Dane = Doberdane (F1)

Doberdane + Doberman Pinscher = Doberdane (F1B)

Doberdane + Great Dane = Doberdane (F1B)

Doberdane + Doberdane = Doberdane (F2)

Price Range

Many things can determine a specific puppy’s price range. These things can include:

Registration Papers
OFA Health Testing
Champion Background
DNA Testing

and much more.

Doberdane Puppies can start as low as $399.00 and go anywhere up from there. You can see specific puppies with the right paper work and bloodline break into the several thousands.

If you are looking for a Doberdane Puppy please contact a Chews A Puppy Trainer at (407)439-0440 or visit our Puppies page to view all available puppies.

5 comments on “Doberdane Price Range

  1. Darion on

    Hi! I’m a little lost on looking into “designer dogs “. I’m really interested in a doberdane puppy but not sure where to start looking. Thanks for whatever help you can offer.
    Darion R. Smalls

  2. Pablo Aguilar on

    I’ve had Great Danes in the past but now looking for a Doberdane puppy. If you could please send any information on puppies if you have any available. Thank you very much for your time.

  3. SweetTea on

    This is my first time hearing of the Doberdane, wow – what a handsome dog!
    The personality could be an oddball mix though – the Doberman is anxious and can be high strung whereas the Great Dane is chill and relaxed. I would imagine some dogs would be Dobie, others Dane, but every now and then you’d get the mash up of the 2. No 2 puppies personality would be alike – they’d be opposite ends of the spectrum!

  4. Mark T on

    Looking for a Doberdane puppy in Texas or any of the surrounding states. Not sure where to begin to find one so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.


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